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Tablescapes 101: How to Create the Perfect Table Set-Up

As an event planner, I strive to have the most luxe, layered, and colorful tablescapes for my clients.

I remember when I started my business, I wanted to showcase my work, but I had no event supplies. However, I did not let that stop me from planning my vision for my future clients' events.

I started by using Google Presentation to create the look and feel of the event. arranging the layout on Google Presentation helped me visualize how every element worked together. I mostly focused on my service Perfect Picnics because it is a great opportunity to display a beautiful table scape. The practice has definitely paid off!

Tablescapes are a must for you and your guests. It shows that you care about them, and want them to enjoy their experience at your event. Tablescapes are an easy way to elevate your event and entertain your guests.

A tablescape is essentially the decorations, place settings, and overall arrangement of your dining table. Or in this case picnic table.

I will show you three tips on how to create a beautiful tablescape, that will blow your guests away!

TIP #1: Be Bold & Use Gold

Now, as you can see gold is my favorite. It adds a more luxurious feel to any table setting. Gold is the perfect accent color of any event décor. It's reflective quality just makes anything it's applied to pop!

You can apply gold in various parts of your tablescape for a classic and sleek touch. For example, I tend to use it more with the flatware, plates, napkin rings, and even the rims of drinking cups for an extra flare.

TIP #2: Choose Color & Touches of Texture

You want you tablescape to grab the attention of your dinner guests. No one wants a dull looking table, it will not inspire your guests to finish their meals or stay around the table a chat.

Adding vibrant colors and rich textures will create a very pleasing view to the eye. In the photo above you can see that texture was added through the tablecloth, which is a gorgeous faux bois fabric. I also added pops of color through the floor pillows and the rug.

The last but not least tip...!

TIP #3 Flourishing Florals

To give your tablescape the complete layered look, floral arrangements are a mandatory. Bouquets are a work of art, created with flowers and leaves. It distinguishes the atmosphere of the event.

For example, if your event is in Spring or on Easter, you would use completely different colors and flowers for a Fall or Christmas event. Flowers will always bring the room to life.

I hope these tips help you with your next event!


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