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How to Create a Luxury Picnic Experience

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Get your very own Perfect Picnics Experience

When you think of a picnic, what do you think of? Does your mind go to picnic baskets or a plaid blanket?

What if I could challenge your thoughts of what a picnic could be? What if a picnic could be a luxurious?

I know you probably don't associate a traditional picnic with luxury, but allow me to introduce you to one of my most popular servicesPerfect Picnics!

How to create your very own luxury picnic experience:

Start with the picnic location. Here in Houston, we have some amazing parks that create the perfect picnic ambiance. For example, my favorite park is Buffalo Bayou Park in downtown Houston. This park features the most spectacular views of the Houston skyline, scenic hiking & bike trails, and acres of beautiful gardens with designated picnic areas. Though your location doesn't have to be a park, you should select a location that is sentimental to you. It could be in your backyard, at your favorite beach or lake, or even on your balcony.

When scouting a picnic location keep the following in mind:

  • Parking - Make sure it is easy for you and your guests to park and unload your car with all your picnic items.

  • Shade - Unless you live a mostly cool climate area, it is best to find an space with plenty of shade to protect you from the weather conditions.

  • Permitting - If you are planning to set up a luxury picnic for clients under your business, please be sure to check the rules or policies for utilizing the venue's space. You may be subject to a permit fee to conduct business on-site.

  • Safety - You don't want to set up a picnic right on a biking trail or an area that can get a little dangerous at night. Always pick an area with your safety in mind.

Check out this lovely seaside Perfect Picnic I prepared for my clients.

Consider comfort. The key ingredient to creating a luxury picnic experience is comfort and convenience. Sometimes a blanket on the ground won't cut it. If you are looking for a luxury experience, you have to think about your desired level of comfort. Start with a rug, this is to avoid sitting directly on the ground. Personally, I also add two layers of cushion: the first layer is for support and elevation, the second layer is for ultimate comfort. Big fluffy floor cushions are a must, so throw in some extra pillows as well!

Depending on the forecast that day, be sure to be prepared for the elements. I conveniently provide, fans, heaters, umbrellas, mosquito spray, or sunblock to my clients so they can fully enjoy their experience. I wouldn't want them worrying about being too hot or cold while enjoying a luxury picnic.

Another tip in regards to convenience: have coolers. No one likes hot champagne, soda, or waterespecially in the summertime! You and your guests deserve to have refreshing drinks that are nice and cool.