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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Updated: Jan 17

Firstly, I would like to say, congratulations! Getting married is a major milestone in your life and your wedding is something you will want to remember for a lifetime.

Though this year has been nothing but normal, we have definitely seen a surge in weddings for 2021. Compared to last year's 2.12 million weddings, 2021 has a record breaking 2.77 million weddings. I am so happy for those of you who finally got to celebrate their wedding day after a year of chaos!

The excitement of your upcoming nuptials should have you glowing! However, planning a wedding on you own from start to finish can be a very time consuming and overwhelming process. As a wedding planning, our goal is to create a seamless process for you, so you can fully enjoy the end resultthe wedding of your dreams. We have the resource and knowledge needed to accomplish a successful wedding event. Our team is comprised of event professionals who will provide you guidance, expert execution, and coordination of all wedding details.

While you are perfectly capable of doing it yourselfwhich is an admirable feat—leaving things in the hands of experts will go a long way for you sanity and save you from stressing out on your wedding day.

Read on to hear 4 reasons why a wedding planner is a good investment towards your dream wedding.

Saves You Time

Between your full-time job and various other commitments, you may not have an extra minute to spare in your daily life. Wedding planning requires plenty of time and energy that most do not expect. There is no need to spend countless hours googling wedding décor, venues, or local vendors when you have a wedding planner. Hiring a wedding planner allows you to hand off the time-consuming tasks to a certified professional. We are also capable of handling the complexities of a wedding timeline and all its moving parts, keeping you on schedule and on time for certain deadlines.

Saves You Money

A wedding planner will know exactly which vendors can get you the most value for your money. We have lots of insider knowledge because we have built strong relationships with preferred vendors who may pass on saving to us and our clients. Because we've been in the industry for so long, we know exactly how much things should cost and we budget around your priorities. We guide you by creating realistic budgets that are precise and unique to your needs. This guidance helps you understand which wedding elements are crucial and which you can do without to fit more comfortably within your desired budget.

Expert Execution

As a wedding planner, we are prepared to play the various roles needed to have a spectacular wedding: event designer, on-site coordinator, budget manager, contract negotiator, legal counsel, and much more. We understand how to create and maintain a cohesive wedding vision that truly displays your love story. You will be provided exceptional organization, coordination, and creative design skills that will surely make your day a once in a lifetime event. By nature, we are problem solvers and we will go above and beyond to implement your vision perfectly. We provide you full-time assistance, foresee and prevent any issues, and continuously manage all processes without breaking a sweat!

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